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In love with music, art, and life. Let me share my spirit with you.



Andara lives with her family in NC San Antonio. Honing her technical abilities and unique sound over the years, Andara learned to sing using the Singing Success method by Brett Manning  and growing her skills with the downtown First Baptist Church San Antonio choir and Imago Arts Academy. She attended two Nashville Singing Success retreats and received instruction from Brett Manning himself, as well as Mark Kibble, and Claude McKnight from Take 6.

In 2019 she launched her website and is working on uploading wedding, funeral, and patriotic songs to showcase what she has to offer potential customers as a singer.

She is currently working on an album about motherhood and uses Finale to create her own arrangements, with plans to publish and share . She enjoys a wide variety of musical genres and has a special place in her heart for the elderly, since she grew up in her great-grandmother's house. A bookish sort, she also plays tabletop rpgs, loves animals, draws mangas, and watches Korean dramas. 


San Antonio, TX


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