Refiner's Fire

Becoming a Singer

Being a bit of a nerd, I thought what better way to help me become a better singer than to research, develop, and document my journey to share with others. From cringe to pro FTW! I plan to flesh out each section with searchable blog posts. Still figuring out the best interface. I'd prefer to have this something I can backup locally just in case as it'll be the bulk of my work and apparently my site host won't do that. =( 

Singing Improvement

My daily vocal workout and song plans. Who I plan to listen to as models for my vocal goals. Progress and achievements.

Image by Daniel Hajdacki

Personal Appearance and Mannerisms

Finding and mitigating physical and social shortcomings

Health and Fitness

What does it take to become fit and fabulous? How do I fit it into my chaotic life?

Image by Alexandra Tran

Image and Branding Development

Who even Am I so I can find my Best self? What things best represent me and my enterprise?

Image by Nikola Jovanovic


As Brett Manning says, "Singing is acting on pitch." Research on emoting while singing properly. Research on planning a performance.

Image by Jordan Whitfield

Making a Living

Research on how to record and distribute high quality musical art.

Image by Jordan Rowland