Better Skin

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Ok so I’m no spring chicken here. And my hyper focus on the daily grind and others tends to make me forget to take care of myself. So I have giant pores and the beginnings of …wrinkles!! 😱😭😭

A few years ago I went to a local dermatologist for help with my unsightly pores. She said it was genetic and not to worry about it. Disappointed, I believed her and as the years went by the bad patches spread.

I had looked up Korean makeup and skincare and it seemed to work very well! I always hated makeup growing up because I was an outdoorsy sort who would rather read a book or get more sleep than apply makeup that would need reapplying all day. The new makeup from Korea seems great at staying on and looking natural even in hot and humid conditions. The skin care products are great too, but there are so many steps, and I’m just awful at keeping routines because essentially my life isn’t my own. I’m at the whims of my family’s needs. And now the budget I get for myself is quite sparse.

Recently I resolved to see if anything had changed as far as solutions. I found several on this website!

Also, by accident, I found that this baby Aveeno eczema moisturizer I use on my kids seemed to really help my skin texture a lot! The colloidal oatmeal seems to stick and actually moisturize my skin long after it's rinsed out. I got a pore vaccuum, but find it hard to use simply because i can't steam my face over super hot water with crazy little kids roaming about.

After some more digging, I found laser resurfacing can work wonders on skin. Dr. Sam Lam is apparently super awesome at improving faces with great natural results. He has two types of lasers for different skin problems.

A more cost effective solution would be at-home microneedling. it's supposed to work very well, but is a bit trickier as one must do it just right or else possibly damage your skin. I think i'll just wait until i have the $$$ for a pro to do it for me.

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