Secret vocal treats

So when I attended the retreat in Nashville I got a little goody bag with Sunnydew and a tiny Sunbreeze essential oil bottle. We also had unlimited Calli tea there! I really need to get some more tea- it’s the best!

I loved the tea and bought a giant box of Calli mint. I somehow never used the Sunbreeze until this year and not how it was meant to be used. I was super clogged up one day (nasty oak junk everywhere sets off my allergies) and noticed it on the music shelf waiting for me to have a headache or muscle tension.

I remembered its strong scent and wondered if it could unclog me. In desperation I dabbed some under and inside my nostrils and lo and behold after a short time it seemed to melt away the gunk and I could breathe again. This seems to work best on mild to moderate clogs. It works similar to Vicks but no petroleum jelly base. Now it’s my secret weapon when I’m plugged up - that and a tiny splash of Robitussin on the back of the throat (Not the cold and flu kind, the one that is strictly a decongestant). I heard about that one from a dear teacher in college Dr. V. I also learned to chew on my tongue if my mouth is dry and no water is on hand from playing in band. Works for singers too! Coughing is apparently pretty bad for your voice as is clearing the throat like most people do. Madison suggested vocal fry instead for itchy throats along with the straw in cup hack, which can be found in the Vocal Hacks program released by Singing Success.

Breathing is vital to singing so figuring out how to deal with allergies and other such obstacles is crucial. As singers we are living instruments with good days and bad, so we should give ourselves grace and kindness when our voices won’t cooperate. If it’s the big day to perform and you have some issues maybe plan a less flashy but solid lineup. Or if you can’t get out of a particular song be okay with that day’s sound and pour yourself into expression and believability.

Can you think of any other ideas? I’d love to hear them!

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