Tough times

Updated: Mar 25

It seems my first kid is a particularly difficult case. sleep difficulties and impulsiveness since year one have sapped my energy and creativity and it’s hardly abated these past few years. Starting to try to figure out more about him and how to help him get along with others. It’s really eating up my life to the detriment of the second kid and my life’s hopes and dreams. We love him so much and know things could be worse but the demand on our full attention all day every day is draining. Not in school anymore- it wasn’t fun and he was just getting in trouble a lot. He still gets in trouble a lot here, but i can give him more attention which helps mitigate problems.

He’s super smart, good at speaking, reading, writing and math are easy to him, but the problem is he seems to love being annoying by interrupting, rolling on the ground, running around when it’s time to sit for a meal, and doing the opposite of what you ask no matter how nice or what reward or consequence you present.

Outbursts and meltdowns happen pretty much all day every day at varying levels. We hope he grows out of it, but teacher said he should be further along socially at this point and a test wouldn’t hurt. We don’t know anything yet, only that we’re exhausted and apparently not all kids are so demanding. He can do so much if he only had more self control, contrary, and quit being so bossy and controlling!

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