Update on oldest kid

Officially no autism, yes adhd and Sensory sensitivity, which are distinct from each other and autism. 140 IQ. Basis schools were recommended by the psychologist when he is able to control the adhd better. He may outgrow some of it. Reevaluate when older for possible medication, which could over time train his brain and he could stop needing it.

Small group classes (max 5) recommended if sent to school in his current state. Would need a teacher with special training to get the most out of him in such a setting.

Long story short looks like homeschool for the foreseeable future. I’ll provide opportunities to strengthen weak aspects at his pace. He will see other kids at church and extra curricular activities. I’m thinking martial arts, music class, and maybe we will join a gym as a family. Lord knows I need it. I pray God will help him overcome and do something great with his life. In the meantime it’s learning to finish daily routines, mastering practical life skills, and building character.

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