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Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Here is my work area. One day I’ll do a proper review of the micro baby grand I use that I ordered online. I absolutely love it! wish I got more alone time with it.

I got it from this guy in 2020 during the peak of the lockdowns. I do recommend him. He has his own review of it.

No the stickers aren’t for me, I’m teaching the older kid some piano using a program called Prodigies. Seems to work very well!

I have used Black Magic studio’s Da Vinci resolve to edit videos in the past, but it has a steep learning curve and a Lot of options. I used my iPhone to take the videos and some conversions were necessary. Ugh.

im thinking about using Screen capture software to show my struggles and successes, also to show how I edit songs in PreSonus. So far I’ve read one article and not tried yet.

I have several ideas for videos, but know I need a script to organize my thoughts an things timely. the goal is to produce a video a week. Editing is such a pain.

i will work with Singing Success to figure out what I’m allowed to talk about regarding the program. I’ll also look to their YouTube channel as a guide for what they’ve made public.

there are several aspects to making a video:


*outline and script

*gather materials

*citing sources, giving proper credit, legal

*practice spoken part

*costume and background

*actual recording

*conversions and image additions

*EDITING *uploading and sharing

I’m the only person I have, so it’s tricky. I’m running on a dated, but decent Lenovo, but I’m learning that video editing is not for weak computers. Gaming computers ideally.

it’s all quite overwhelming, but I plan to use methods I learned from Brett. I will give myself 21 days to fulfill a list of small doable goals each day Each step, albeit tiny, is still progress.

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